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5 reasons to become a consultant at TopTeam

When being a consultant, you usually work on slightly different terms compared to being a permanent employee of a company. At TopTeam, we make a great effort to make our consultants feel safe and comfortable when showing up for work.


TopTeam is growing

We are currently very busy at TopTeam. We are constantly hiring new consultants within mehcanical engineering and project management. Thus, it made sense to hire an operations manager.


TopAcademy: Customised development plan for TopConsultants

2021 has been a particularly good year for TopTeam – it has been the year, where our primary focus has been on developing our employees’ skills within our specialisations, mechanical construction, and project management. In 2021, we have created TopAcademy, TopTeams internal development academy.


Meet and greet with TopTeam at Skive Jobfestival

After a year and a half of COVID-19 and a range of cancellations, it is finally possible for TopTeam, and several other companies in Skive municipal, to participate at the Jobfestival in Skive. All of this will be taking place September 23rd, 2021.


Semco Maritime | Relieving employees during peak load

Semco Maritime is an engineering company that specialises in projects in the offshore and energy sectors. At Semco Maritime, they have an engineering team that primarily develops transport equipment, lifting equipment and handling- and production equipment for the offshore wind industry.

container conveyor system

Flexitechs | Future security of conveyor system

TopTeam has provided expert knowledge for the solution of a conveyor system, which will optimize the workflow as well as reduce storage space, for a larger service company. The project has been carried out at Flexitechs in Hadsten, which is a flexible company that delivers conveyor solutions to the automation industry.


Riantics | Intelligent logistics solutions

Since the beginning of 2018, TopTeam has entered into a collaboration with Riantics regarding the supply of extra resources to their design department.

Riantics has had great success in the last few years, and it is the extra busyness that makes the collaboration between TopTeam and Riantics extra important, as otherwise Riantics would not have the time and resources to achieve all tasks.

fabrik billede

Brødbæk & Co. | A partnership expanded

Tasks ranging from simple to complex constructions, to calculations, project management and various documentation tasks are just some of the types of tasks that TopTeam’s close and long-term collaboration with Brødbæk & Co. has had to offer.