Concept Development

With TopConcept, you get qualified advice in concept development that secures the path from idea to realization in the most appropriate way. We are experts in developing mechanical constructions that can solve complex problems in your company.

Concept development is a discipline that requires both thorough preparation and creativity

The key to bringing innovative ideas to life lies in the concept development phase. In this phase, all facets that have an impact on the final solution are planned and reviewed, and this is where our expertise can help you avoid pitfalls.

Our team of consultants can help you develop concepts for mechanical constructions that can solve exactly your challenges. With our experience, the foundation for a structured process has been laid, and we make sure to create the conditions for a finished result that complies with all requirements and standards.

We have experience with concept development of mechanical constructions for e.g. process equipment and production facilities, and our solutions can have many different purposes, such as cost-saving measures or the development of new innovative tools.


We will take care of your challenge, no matter if you have simply identified a problem that needs a developed solution from scratch, or if you already have a tangible concept you want to further develop.

During the concept development, we take all factors into account, so we always end up with the best solution for your problem, and thereby the best possible results for your company.

Concept development

When you involve TopTeam early in your development project, you are guaranteed a thorough and structured concept development that will help your project achieve its goals in the best way possible.

True to the project

At TopTeam, we are true to the project. We optimize and develop your project, add know-how and knowledge sharing in your organization, and thereby ensure the progress of your project.

The valuable collaboration

A collaboration with us is bound by trust, and we always find the right man for your project. We emphasize your needs, and keep you constantly updated about the project's progress and finances.

Progress your project
Make an appointment with one of our sales representatives - together we will find the right profile for the task!


Brødbæk & Co. | A partnership expanded

Tasks ranging from simple to complex constructions, to calculations, project management and various documentation tasks are just some of the types of tasks that TopTeam’s close and long-term collaboration with Brødbæk & Co. has had to offer.

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Serman & Tipsmark | High demands are no obstacle for a specialist

TopTeam has entered into a collaboration with Serman & Tipsmark, where TopTeam will help with the construction part of a valve project, as well as work as a designer in their development department.

Serman & Tipsmark are specialists in hydraulics, and are i.a. supplier to the energy, offshore, transportation and industrial industry.

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