Cooperation between consultancy and automation house is creating value

TopTeam is a consultancy, and we cooperate with a wide range of companies – and one of them is TMS-AS. TMS-AS utilises TopTeam consultants, when they need more capacity to reach their goal or when they would like to be one step ahead.

From consultancy to automation house

TMS-AS is short for Total Machine Solution and is an automation house, who offers solutions within automation and production optimization for the industry, medical- and food industry. TMS-AS offers anything from consultancy and turnkey project solutions to service and maintenance.

When TMS-AS was founded in 2019 it was not written that they should be responsible for the production and assembly of the machinery. In fact, the original business plan of TMS-AS was that they should be a consultancy focusing on advising other companies, however it quickly became clear that there was a bigger need for companies offering total solutions and projects with a pragmatic approach from beginning to end.    

Currently, TopTeam has two consultants at TMS-AS in Horsens. Here, they assist in creating 3D constructions and 2D drawings. TMS-AS employ 12 employees in construction, project management and technical assembly.

Collaboration with TopTeam

At TMS-AS, the most important thing about the collaboration is that it creates value for both parties and with TopTeam’s upcoming platform, TopMatch, it gives them an opportunity to think ahead. With the new platform, TMS-AS will be able to see TopTeam’s competencies and therefore which consultants we have that match their current needs. This gives TMS-AS the opportunity to bid on a project without having the capacity in-house in TMS-AS.

Besides the fact that TopTeam provides TMS-AS with the opportunity to bid on tasks they normally could not bid on, TMS-AS also uses TopTeam consultants during their peak periods. These peak periods are typically when they know they need an extra hand to finish a project or have won a big project.

At TMS-AS, they are aware that they do not have all the specialist knowledge that is sought after by their current and potential customers in-house – almost no company can brag of that. This also one of the reasons why they use TopTeam. TopTeam helps TMS-AS find the skills they need to deliver 100% on a given project. At TopTeam, our salespeople are experts in familiarising themselves with customer needs and finding exactly the consultant they are looking for.

Future: Much more collaboration

In the future, TMS-AS’ goal is to expand their business – both on employees and on their specialisations. As for the collaboration between TMS-AS and TopTeam, it will only improve. TopTeam is always ready with the exact competencies that TMS-AS needs – whether it is a project manager for internal use or a constructor specialising in NX.

Moreover, it will also be much easier to find exactly the consultant they are looking for. At TopTeam, we are currently working on developing a platform, TopMatch, which gives our customers access to all the competencies and consulting services we offer in TopTeam. In this way, our customers can easily go in and find the profile they need – in their own time.

In addition to this, another opportunity for collaboration between TMS-AS and TopTeam in the future could be for TopTeam to assist in the construction part of a project and let TMS-AS produce the actual product and be responsible for assembly, service, and maintenance. In this way, we can take advantage of each other’s best sides and do exactly the job we do best.

                                        What the customer says:

“Our collaboration with TopTeam means that we can risk minimize our projects at our customers’ premises, as we can bring all competencies at the first meeting. In this way, we’re also sure we’re not starting a project in the wrong way. It gives us the opportunity to bid on more projects than we have done so far and create an effective momentum.”

Lars Bruhn, Director at TMS-AS

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