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Areas of expertise

Highly specialized experts are the cornerstone of TopTeam’s business.
Our engineers have extensive experience in leading projects – regardless of size and complexity.

Projektledelse med TopTeam

Project Management

Over the years, our consultants have gained extensive experience with project management in a large number of industries and we are ready to lead your next project, regardless of the nature of the task.

Prototyper af TopTeam


Our consultants can help your company develop prototypes and test equipment for new designs or products that your company needs.

Konceptudvikling med TopTeam

Concept Development

Does your company face a challenge that requires concept development from scratch? We have the right team of consultants to look after your problem and, in collaboration with you, develop solutions that are tailored to your needs.



Proper documentation and labeling is one of the keys to an appropriate and successful design, and our consultants are experts in developing mechanical designs that meet all requirements.

Emballage løsninger med TopTeam


We have extensive experience with consulting companies in the packaging industry, and our consultants can help your company develop process equipment that meets your specific challenge.



More and more industries use robots and automated systems in their production, and our team of consultants can offer consultation and project management in regard to the development of automated features.