More than just a job


At TopTeam, we currently employ around 40 skilled and competent employees.
We place great demands on our employees. This means that you must have both the professional and the social competencies in order.

On the other hand, as an employee you can expect to be employed in more than just a project job.

As a TopTeamer, you will be employed in a permanent position. Should a period arise from one project being completed to the next starting, we will make sure to offer you relevant courses and continuing education on an ongoing basis. That way, you can stay up to date with the latest knowledge in your field at all times.

Currently available positions

Right now we are looking for the following positions:


technical documentation

At TopTeam, we are always looking for skilled and committed employees, so let us know if you are interested in becoming a part of our team.

The keywords that best describe a TopTeamer are:


  • Professionally skilled
  • Good at communicating and committing socially
  • Inventive and curious
  • Flexible and you know your own limits
  • And of course you are “true to the project”

Based on long-term relationships with customers, we have the opportunity to continuously offer our employees new challenges.


As a new employee in TopTeam, you get a thorough introduction to our organization and at the same time all new employees are assigned a mentor. The mentor is an experienced employee who helps you with practical, social and professional tasks.

In addition, the mentor makes his knowledge, his network and his sparring available to you, so you get the best start with us.

With the mentoring scheme, we help you get well into our culture and make sure that you fit in well.


We also place great emphasis on educating and developing our employees.

At TopTeam, we have a partnership with NTI, which offers online courses through their academy.

This means that we continuously keep our employees on fire. Both if there should be a period without work between two projects, or just if the employee feels the need to stay up to date.

You can read more about NTI Academy here.

Meet a TopTeamer

Since 2017, Christoffer Steenholt Skøtt has been a part of TopTeam.

"When I started in TopTeam, I did not really know anything about the company beforehand. But I found out pretty quickly that TopTeam's customer group appealed to me a lot."

What particularly made sense for Christoffer was the opportunity to work on many different tasks:

"I like to do many different things when I am part of a project. Both to sit and draw things. But also to be out in the production itself, where things are tried out in practice. I really like to have hands all the way down in matter.

The fact that things and projects are so versatile - that's something I really enjoy working for TopTeam. I'm not that good at just having to handle a single function in a project. There I appreciate being part of the process from start to finish.

Sometimes I have even been there right at the end customer to follow a project right to the door. It really gives satisfaction when things go up in a higher unit and the end customer is also happy with the end result. "

A part of the community


All TopTeamers meet once a quarter for a common theme day. This is where we get new inputs to our personal development, and the theme meetings help to strengthen the collaboration and community in TopTeam.

Every 4 weeks, TopTeam news is released, so you are always up to date on what is happening in the company. There are also regular professional courses with external teachers, which you can participate in.

In November, we host this year’s TopTeam party as a weekend trip. Here we have fun and get to know each other even better.

Various social evening events are also arranged, all by own initiative of the employees.

The events can include everything from go-kart races and lectures, to dinners and football matches, etc.

Read more about our events here.