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Environmentally friendly packaging opens up new markets


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The tendency to reduce the use of plastics is increasing, and especially among production companies, the demand for automated production facilities is steadily growing.

Certain export markets are also very careful not to import products whose manufacturing processes involve environmentally damaging elements, which is why there is a greater incentive to convert parts of production to a more environmentally friendly alternative.

When a major Danish production company wanted to reduce the amount of plastic used in their packaging apparatus, they turned to TopTeam for help from our team of specialized consultants.

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Due to the more environmentally friendly packaging, the company now also has the opportunity to export to new markets.


The manufacturer had so far used plastic to package their products, which was enormously resource-intensive, both for the material consumption and for the environment. Therefore, a new type of packaging has been developed that makes use of recycled paper rather than plastic.

The old plastic packaging was significantly more durable, and did not require the same gentle treatment during packing and transport as the new recyclable paper packaging, which is a more sensitive material to use for packaging.


TopTeam was tasked with developing an automated system that could handle the new packaging gently during packing and transport.

The plant was developed to handle the packaging much more gently when it had to be packed and shipped from the part of the production where the packaging is produced, and to the production packing center, where the packaging is used to pack the finished product.

With the new solution, the company had to use fewer human resources for the packaging apparatus, while at the same time the burden on the employees was significantly reduced.

Due to the more environmentally friendly packaging, the company now also has the opportunity to export to new markets that were previously repulsive to the product, due to the use of large amounts of plastic in the packaging process.

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"The recyclable packaging paper is very sensitive and breaks easily. Because of that, we had to develop a solution that could treat the packaging very gently."

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