The people behind the organisation

About TopTeam

TopTeam’s greatest strength is that we are external consultants at the customer site.
This means that we can keep a 100% of our focus on your company’s current project.

Vision, mission and values


We are true to the project.


To deliver flexible and effective mechanical construction og project management.


TopTeam’s strength is our ability to collaborate broadly, and we believe that we create the best results that way.

We believe that the best solutions are achieved by giving the individual technician the most influence and responsibility possible.

We are completely dedicated to our projects. We see all individual projects as a challenge in delivering quality on time.


TopTeam ApS saw the light of day when Bruno Villadsen and Bjarne S. Andersen met each other back in 1999, where they were colleagues at a special machine factory in Skive. They immediately saw the strong competencies of the other – and it was clear that they would complement each other well. They shared each other’s values and quickly created a common idea that they would establish a business where the core areas were mechanical construction and project management. They wanted to go out to the companies and solve the tasks on site.

He is a huge driving force and works enormously, he leads the way in showing what can be accomplished. And then he is a real people person.

Bjarne Andersen, co-owner of TopTeam

He is insanely creative and technically proficient and is enormously broad-minded technically. And then I know no one who goes into details like him.

Bruno Villadsen, co-owner of TopTeam

The business basis and the values that were written down then are the same today, and the two partners has managed to keep 100% focus on the core areas throughout the years.
From the beginning, they were given a number of assignments from their previous workplace, where the CEO fortunately looked positively at the fact that the two committed employees went independently.
From day one, they got a professional chairman of the board, and they have always used the board actively to develop the company.

For the first ten years, TopTeam grew steadily and stably, and in recent years Bruno Villadsen and Bjarne S. Andersen have worked on the basis of a controlled growth strategy, which means that Topteam today has around 40 employees and is still growing.