Over time, automation has become one of the most important factors in securing the future of production processes.

With TopTeam’s experience and knowledge in automation solutions, together we will find the most optimal solution for converting your company’s manual processes into a flexible automatic production.

The future is automated - let us help you transform your company into a future-proof production

A large part of Danish companies have opened their eyes to the potential of automated production. We have many years of experience with industrial automation and our consultants can help identify processes that can be automated – adapted to each company’s specific needs.

Robot technology and automation systems have become a reality in companies of all sizes and across industries. TopTeam has highly specialized consultants who can streamline your production and reduce overall time consumption for your company.

Typical industries

We often provide consultants for automation tasks in the food, pharma and wind turbine industries. We are of course also represented in many other industries. Each industry presents different challenges that one will have to deal with.

Below you can read a bit about the different challenges each of the three industries offers.

Food industry

We provide help for companies that are either in the food industry or supply equipment for the industry. We offer consultants with experience in mechanical construction and design, calculation, as well as documentation for various process equipment.

There are many links in the food industry that can benefit from automation; picking, packaging, internal logistics, etc.

A major challenge lies in ensuring that the proper hygiene is maintained during the process, as no materials must affect or be affected by the food. At the same time, all elements must be easily accessible so that cleaning can be done without unnecessary hassle.

TopAutomation takes care of designing and delivering mechanical constructions for your automation system that will streamline operations in your production and packaging.

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Pharmaceutical industry

There are strict rules for how process equipment for the pharmaceutical industry should be designed and constructed. Our consultants have extensive experience in designing and developing quality-assured solutions that meet all legal requirements within the industry.

There are very strict guidelines for production facilities in the pharmaceutical industry, as it involves handling very sensitive products.

In many cases, tailor-made solutions are required that must not reduce the quality of production, but at the same time maintain all applicable regulations.

Let TopAutomation take care of the challenge, and together we can develop automation solutions for your production – always with the right documentation.


Wind turbine industry

We have extensive experience in delivering automation solutions to the wind turbine industry.

The industry has high documentation requirements, and particular emphasis is placed on strength calculations and thorough risk analyzes.

With our TopAutomation team, your project is in good hands. We have been providing automation solutions to the wind turbine industry for many years, and have the right man for your job.

With TopAutomation, you get an experienced partner who has delivered automation solutions to some of the largest companies in the wind turbine industry.

Whether it’s automation of production facilities, intelligent robotic equipment or something completely third your company needs, our TopAutomation engineers can help you find a tailor-made solution.

conveyor box

Other industries

We are also available to other industries looking for optimization solutions for their packaging apparatus. Our TopPackaging engineers offer project management and mechanical design of process equipment for your packaging challenge.

Of course, we are also capable of delivering solutions to other industries that face automation challenges.

We have many years of experience in automatic production plants, robot plants and equipment, automatic transport plants and much more.

other industry


container conveyor system

Flexitechs | Future security of conveyor system

TopTeam has provided expert knowledge for the solution of a conveyor system, which will optimize the workflow as well as reduce storage space, for a larger service company. The project has been carried out at Flexitechs in Hadsten, which is a flexible company that delivers conveyor solutions to the automation industry.

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Riantics | Intelligent logistics solutions

Since the beginning of 2018, TopTeam has entered into a collaboration with Riantics regarding the supply of extra resources to their design department.

Riantics has had great success in the last few years, and it is the extra busyness that makes the collaboration between TopTeam and Riantics extra important, as otherwise Riantics would not have the time and resources to achieve all tasks.

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Brødbæk & Co. | A partnership expanded

Tasks ranging from simple to complex constructions, to calculations, project management and various documentation tasks are just some of the types of tasks that TopTeam’s close and long-term collaboration with Brødbæk & Co. has had to offer.

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