TopAcademy: Customised development plan for TopConsultants

2021 has been a particularly good year for TopTeam – it has been the year, where our primary focus has been on developing our employees’ skills within our specialisations, mechanical construction, and project management. In 2021, we have created TopAcademy, TopTeams internal development academy.

At TopTeam, one of our most essential values is, that we unite the needs of our customers with the competencies of our employees. Thus, our most crucial task is to match the needs and wants with our consultant’s professional as well as personal competencies.

We want to make sure that we always exceed the expectations and demands of the customers – and this is where TopAcademy came into the picture. TopAcademy is TopTeams internal educational program designed for our specialists in mechanical construction and project management. Through the educational program and structured development plans, we ensure that our employees’ competencies are up to date with the latest.

Dedication, enthusiasm, and motivation

For our consultants, TopAcademy means that they can try with other aspects and directions within our field of expertise or further develop the competencies, they already possess and are dedicated about. We are specialists within mechanical construction and project management, comprising special machines, automation, mould construction and heavy industry within the windmill sector – to name a few. Besides this, we offer to manage small as well as large projects from beginning to end.

Through TopAcademy, our consultants expand their knowledge within the field they find exciting

Konsulent skriver noter på papir til kursus

– in fact, they can choose more than one direction, e.g., special machines and automation and project management. This is seen as a great advantage since it allows our project managers to have some technical knowledge and know-how about the engineers and the other way around.

Our top consultant, Jesper Andersen, is one of those who have a development plan for both mechanical engineering and project management. Jesper has a background as a constructor but in the past years, his interests for project management have grown.  He believes that it places us in a favourable situation with our customers as he states:



“Being able to do both definitely has its advantages.”

                                                                                       Jesper Andersen, Top Consultant



One of the biggest advantages for TopTeam is, without doubt, that our employees are top motivated, and their motivation increases even further as they develop their competencies through TopAcademy. It is important that they feel they can utilise their full potential and follow their passions while fulfilling the needs of the customers.

Personal and customised development plan

Through TopAcademy, all the consultants have received a personal and customised development plan that fits their level, needs, and interests.



“The original thought has always been that no matter which function you possess in the company, you should have a development plan – both the sales team, marketing and the management”

                                             Sanne Daugaard Schmidt, Head of HR & Administration



Konsulent sidder med kuglepen i hånden

In January 2022, one year after TopAcademy was established, all our consultants have received their personal development plan and in 2022, we will expand our development plans to the sales team, marketing, and the management. At TopTeam, we believe that everyone can expand their knowledge and develop their competencies – and thus, we support our employees in what they want.

We see job seekers coming to TopTeam due to our TopAcademy and the culture that we have created around TopTeam and our competency development and knowledge sharing. This is where TopTeam differentiates from others in the field – TopTeam is far from the ordinary consultancy.

With TopAcademy, we put focus on competency development and provide our employees with the needed tools allowing TopTeam to stand even stronger.

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