5 reasons to become a consultant at TopTeam

When being a consultant, you usually work on slightly different terms compared to being a permanent employee of a company. At TopTeam, we make a great effort to make our consultants feel safe and comfortable when showing up for work.

5 reasons to become a TopTeam consultant

There will always be some doubt associated with being a consultant. Often, you’re not sure where you will end up after ending a project or how long it will be before a new project is ready for you. We have asked our consultants and thus, found the top 5 reasons to why you should be a consultant at TopTeam:


         1. You will be permanently employed

At TopTeam you will be permanently employed. This means that you are hired, not only for a single project, but also after the project is completed. After this, it is the sales team’s job to make sure that there is a new project ready as soon as a consultant has finished a project.

“Even if a new task is not ready for you right away, you will simply be put on hold (with continuing salary) until a new project is ready.”  – TopTeamer


2. Varying tasks

Another great thing about being a consultant at TopTeam is that you often will come across several different companies and thus different tasks throughout a year.

“Imagine being on a project for construction of a special machine for a customer from the pharmaceutical industry and then transferred to the automation industry to work on a project afterwards. You get to try a lot of things, which is especially cool if you don’t have much experience yet” – TopTeamer


        3. Flexibility

At TopTeam, you can be flexible. As a rule, there is ample opportunity to work from home. When you work as a consultant, you are often allocated at the customer and not at TopTeam head office. TopTeam has customers in most of Jutland, which also means that you sometimes have a longer drive to work. Here it is often possible to work from home one or more times a week to avoid the long drive –in some cases you will be accommodation at a hotel for a few days a week.


4. TopAcademy – TopTeam’s in-house development academy

At TopTeam, we have TopAcademy, which is TopTeam’s in-house development academy. Each consultant is provided with a tailor-made development plan to ensure that our employees are constantly evolving as new needs arise at our customers. We do this to ensure that our employees are always worth something.

“I love to learn new things and develop my skills – it’s great that TopAcademy can do that.” – TopTeamer


        5. Good and helpful colleagues

Finally, at TopTeam we have the best employees. At TopTeam, we put a lot of emphasis on helping each other if a problem has risen. For one, we facilitate knowledge sharing. Every other Friday, a meeting is set up with the agenda of discussing everything from work-related issues to weekend plans and other stuff that might come to mind. We do this, because we find it very important to know your coworkers even though you are not talking to them every day at the office.

When you work as a consultant and is located at the customers office, it is a rare occasion that you see and talk to your colleagues. Thus, a lot is done to ensure that there is a good sense of community in the company. We do this through these knowledge sharing meetings and through social events held approximately once a month.

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