Meet and greet with TopTeam at Skive Jobfestival

After a year and a half of COVID-19 and a range of cancellations, it is finally possible for TopTeam, and several other companies in Skive municipal, to participate at the Jobfestival in Skive. All of this will be taking place September 23rd, 2021.

Skive Jobfestival 2021 welcomes 40 companies all offering exciting positions in Skive municipal. The overall goal with the Jobfestival is to allow job seekers to gain knowledge on vacant positions in companies and industries, they may not have heard about before. Moreover, the Jobfestival allows interested and job seekers to chat with potential employers, make a good first impression and get a head start.

On September 23rd, TopTeams’ Chief Operations Manager and Head of HR & Administration,
Jan and Sanne, will be more than ready to tell everything about the many advantages that come with working at TopTeam. We have for a long time been looking forward to communicating about TopTeam as a company, and more importantly, about one of our biggest priorities, namely our employees. At TopTeam, we spend a lot of time and resources on our employees’ personal as well as professional competencies and development through internal knowledge sharing and our TopAcademy. This ensures that the quality of our employees remains high and thus, allows us to provide our customers with the best consulting possible.


Our most valuable task

At TopTeam, we dare to say that everything runs like clockwise. We are hiring and matching new consultants every week. This is also one of the main reasons why it is crucial for us to be present at various fairs, like Skive Jobfestival, since this allows us to meet new and interesting profiles for TopTeam.

We find it very important to include everyone – our most valuable task is to match our consultants’ competencies with the right projects ensuring progress and value for our customers. Thus, whether you have just graduated or been on the job market for 30 years or more, we are looking forward to meeting you at Skive Jobfestival 2021 for a chat, a cup of coffee or simply a flyer when strolling by.

Take a look at our vacant positions below, or send us an unsolicited application here.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.  

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