All companies that manufacture machines or products with moving parts must have a CE marking that complies with the EU directive in the field.

At TopTeam we have specialists, with massive experience in the preparation of documentation for CE marking, and more specifically, the EU Machinery Directive is at your fingertips.

Proper documentation is a requirement to be able to bring your products forward

During the preparation of mechanical constructions, it is very important to ensure that all parts and components comply with the EU Machinery Directive. This is done not only to ensure the safety of the machine, but also to give the machine as a product, free movement in the European market.

By involving TopTeam early in the process of developing new mechanical solutions, you are ensured that the machine is designed in accordance with all legal requirements for CE marking, while we can also make sure to design the actual documentation required to obtain a CE marking.

Udvikling af dokumentation med TopTeam

Need help documenting your machine?

For many years, our consultants have designed documentation for mechanical constructions in regards to obtaining a CE marking. We are happy to offer your company consultants to help design the machine, and at the same time we make sure that, from the start of the machine’s construction, work is based on the requirements of the EU Machinery Directive.

We can handle the entire documentation of your machine, or just individual parts of it. We offer help with the following documentation:

Technical dossier

The purpose of the technical dossier is to document that the machine meets the requirements of the EU Machinery Directive. We review the documentation and clarify which documents are available and which should be obtained.

Declaration of conformity

The declaration of conformity must include an overview of the directives, standards or other documents used, as well as information about manufacturers and possibly third party or notified body involvement. With the technical dossier and the declaration of conformity, you as the manufacturer declare that you have full responsibility for ensuring that all machine documentation is valid and secure.

Risk assessment

We carry out a risk assessment of the machine to determine whether the machine in any way contains dangerous elements that can cause injuries to employees during use. In some cases, hazardous elements can not be avoided at the machine, and here it is instead a matter of documenting how to minimize risks. The risk assessment is also part of the technical dossier.

Operating instructions

The operating instructions are also part of the technical dossier. It is a requirement that an operating manual is included with any machine that has the CE marking. We can help make operating instructions in Danish, English or German, and we usually design our instructions with picture illustrations, to increase understanding as much as possible.

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