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TopTeam has provided expert knowledge for the solution of a conveyor system, which is to optimize the workflow, as well as reduce storage space, for a larger service company.

The project has been carried out at Flexitechs in Hadsten, which is a flexible company that delivers conveyor solutions to the automation industry. A conveyor system is a mechanical conveyor belt that can move materials from one location to another.

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Due to the special requirements, it required custom-made conveyors, elevators and recognition system.


The task was to make a trolley storage and sorting system, as the employees in the service company spent a lot of time moving these trolleys from one end of the factory to the other. At the same time, the customer wanted to free up floor space, which could thus be used for other purposes.


With 4 types of trolleys, all of which have different dimensions, it is important to create a flexible system that efficiently sorts the trolleys, storing as many as possible, in as little floor space as possible. The system must also be future-proof in the case of new types of trolleys.

Due to the special requirements, it required custom-made conveyors, elevators and recognition system.

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"We entered as an additional capacity, and partly took over the project manager role in regards to customized solutions."

Brian Jensen
Key Account Manager | TopTeam

From the customer

”We contacted TopTeam as we lacked resources to design this facility due to a large order backlog. At the same time, the project required development and customized solutions, which is why there were many construction hours in the project that we did not have available.

TopTeam’s development engineer quickly took care of the project and has taken care of construction, customer contact, workshop and purchasing coordination and general project management. Throughout, the project has been handled professionally and we can only be satisfied with the process.”


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