TopTeam is growing

As TopTeam increasingly grows in the number of consultants, the workload for our Chief Operations Officer, Jan Frydensberg Sørensen, is evidently also increasing. It therefore made sense when we, at TopTeam, decided that it was time to hire an Operations Manager to the team.

“It’s somewhat anxiety-provoking, but also exciting! It’s a job you can’t say no to.”

Says Martin Lolk Jensen and smiles, he is TopTeam’s new Operations Manager.

Our COO, Jan Frydensberg Sørensen, has been extremely busy over the past year. When you both need to maintain the good customer relationship, ensure the well-being of the employees and at the same time, search for new competent employees, a helping hand is needed.


From TopTeam consultant to Operations manager

Back in January, we decided it was time to bring in another Operations Manager – and there was no doubt who should take on that role.

Martin Lolk Jensen will join the management as of April 1, 2022. Martin has worked as a consultant for TopTeam for over 12 years and thus, knows what TopTeam stands for. The choice fell naturally on Martin as he has always been a Top Ambassador for TopTeam and is, moreover, very liked by the employees of TopTeam.


“I am looking forward to tie the employees a little closer to their manager. In this way, we will get a closer and more trustworthy contact with our employees.”

Martin Lolk Jensen, Operations Manager

Another clear bonus is that since Martin has been a TopTeam consultant / constructor for over 12 years, he has the advantage of gaining technical insight to the tasks, he may get in. He can quickly see which skills are needed for a specific task and in cooperation with the sales team, we have the right consultant at the customer in a matter of days.


“He [Martin] is the leader type who likes to lead the way – and that’s exactly what TopTeam needs.

Jan Frydensberg Sørensen, Chief Operations Officer


Although Martin says that he is very much looking forward to being a part of the operations- and management at TopTeam, he will without doubt miss the construction work he has been doing for the past 12 years.  However, he is quite sure that this will be a new and exciting chapter in his career. He has earlier been leader in various volunteer organisations, so it is not a completely new world for Martin.


Better management for our employees

Currently, we have a lot to see to. In the first 3 months of 2022, we have hired no less than 10 new consultants and we are still in need of more consultants. Therefore, it is also important for Jan Frydensberg Sørensen, COO, that Martin is ready to give a helping hand.

“With over 50 consultants, I often had a hard time keeping up. I am very much looking forward to the collaboration and sparring with Martin.
Jan Frydensberg Sørensen, Chief Operations Officer

At TopTeam, the relationship with our consultants is an important part of the operations department’s daily life. It is their job to ensure the best well-being for their employees. In addition, they must establish and maintain the good relationship with our customers – it is the foundation for the trust that we create with them.



Do you want to be a consultant at TopTeam?

We still receive a lot of different tasks; we are busy, and we are therefore hiring consultants.

“You should work at TopTeam because it’s an exciting and trusting company. There are good and variated work assignments and active after education courses. Not to mention, that extra efforts are made to promote the unity and community of TopTeam.”  

Martin Lolk Jensen, Operations Manager

At TopTeam, our consultants are our most important asset. We are currently looking for constructors practised within special machines, who would want to be part of educational and challenging project processes.


 We offer a permanent hire and a personal as well as professional development plan that focuses on your needs and interests. 

So, if you are a team player and would like to contribute to our social community, we would love to hear from you as soon as possible.



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