We offer consulting and project management within solutions for the packaging industry.

We provide expert knowledge in mechanical constructions that can help your company lift tasks within the optimization of packaging solutions for e.g. the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the electronics industry, etc.

Is your company looking for help in solving the packaging challenges of the future?

Packaging can mean many things, and is something that is used in a lot of industries.

Our team of consultants has extensive experience in designing and directing the work behind mechanical constructions that can optimize process equipment for the packaging industry.

Our TopPackaging solutions can streamline your company’s processes and at the same time help to create savings in e.g. material and time consumption, thereby reducing the costs associated with the packaging process.

Typical industries

We often provide consultants for packaging challenges in the food, pharma and electronics industries, and are of course also represented in many other industries. Each industry presents different challenges that one will have to deal with.

Below you can read a bit about the different challenges each of the three industries offers.

Food industry

The food industry has some specific requirements for packaging, which contributes to special consideration being given to the development of equipment for this.

A major challenge lies in ensuring that the proper hygiene is maintained during the process, as no materials must affect or be affected by the food. At the same time, all elements must be easily accessible so that cleaning can be done without unnecessary hassle.

With our TopPackaging team available, your project is in good hands. We can handle the project management, and can provide an innovative, and not least effective, solution to your packaging challenge.

We can help companies that are either in the food industry or supply equipment for this. We offer consultants with experience in mechanical construction and design, calculation, as well as documentation for various process equipment.

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Pharmaceutical industry

There are strict rules for how process equipment for the pharmaceutical industry should be designed and constructed. Our consultants have extensive experience in designing and developing quality-assured solutions that meet all legal requirements within the industry.

Great care must be taken in the packaging of medical, pharmaceutical and chemical products. Therefore, it is important to ensure that all components of the process work together in the most optimal way.

As there are strict legal regulations on packaging for pharmaceutical products, it is a necessity to minimize risks, while maintaining a high level of quality in the packaging process.

We can help you develop optimization-based solutions for your packaging apparatus so that all legal requirements are complied with.


Electronics industry

With advice from our TopPackaging consultants, you are assured of high-quality project management for the development of process equipment that can solve problems in the electronics industry, such as overconsumption of materials.

During the packaging of electronics, careful handling and packaging of the products must be ensured, as these are often products of relatively high value.

Therefore, a lot of protective materials must be used to ensure the safe transport of the product. However, this also means that the material consumption is high, and from this comes a lot of waste.

Our TopPackaging team are experts in designing solutions that reduce material consumption and make the packaging process more environmentally friendly. With our project management, you are guaranteed a more streamlined packaging device, which in the long run provides savings for both your company and the environment.

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Other industries

Of course, we are also capable of delivering solutions to other industries that face packaging challenges.

We are ready to give you advice in optimizing solutions for your packaging device – no matter what challenge you face, we will do our best to help find the right solution for you.

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