We are experts in developing prototypes that can help you further in your product development, and with TopPrototype you get a strong partner who possesses the required know-how, and at the same time knows all the requirements for the use of materials in the various industries.

Prototypes give your business the ability to refine your processes efficiently

The development of prototypes is an important part of any product development. With prototypes, you can take your ideas from being thoughts and concepts to becoming tangible elements, where you can simultaneously test the functionality of the construction, and identify unforeseen challenges that were not discovered in the drawing process.

In collaboration with your company’s technicians, the challenges are identified, and from there we construct the prototype model up in 3D CAD, and perform simulation of the functionality of the prototype. Based on this, we can get an overview of materials, construction hours, price, etc. If you want to see and feel a more tangible product, it is possible to 3D-print the prototype in many different materials.

Once all the data is known and the prototype is simulated correctly, the project is approved between us and the prototype is now ready for production.

From prototype to product

With TopTeam as a partner, you are guaranteed structure in your prototype development. We help you identify what needs the prototype should cover, and from there develop the machine’s design and function. The prototype will be thoroughly tested throughout the process so that all variables are included and considered.

We take you through the entire process, and always strive to get the prototype completely finished so that it can be transformed into a finished product.

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