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When automation of the molding process reduces the strain on employees


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Altuglas International is a global company with expertise in PMMA and acrylic glass technology. Technical skills, quality, and many years in the business of tech have made it possible for the company to have four leading acrylic glass brands across the globe.

In 2018, TopTeam went into business with Altuglas International, a collaboration with a clear goal – to replace the current use of welding pliers when closing the molds with a better solution.

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The Challenge

The use of a welding plier requires a lot of physical strength of the employee and puts a big strain on wrists and forearms.

At Altuglas safety and work environment is top priorities, which spawned their request of more automated solutions from TopTeam. The existing solution required the work force of four men, which made the need for a new solution even more clear.

The Solution

Subsequently, TopTeam delivered a solution with a pneumatic automation of the process, which means that the employee only needs the welding plier 10 % of the time.

TopTeam have developed a system, which closes the molds by the press of a button and excludes the use of a welding plier. In the cases where a welding plier is needed TopTeam have developed two different pliers, which are ergonomically correct and reduce the strain on wrists and forearms with 50 %.

Keld billede

"With the new solution, the burden on the employee was greatly reduced, while at the same time up to four men were released, who can now handle other functions in production. "

Keld Sørensen
Key Account Manager | TopTeam

In the clients own words

“In the spring of 2018 we made a deal with TopTeam to develop and optimize a part of our production equipment. We chose an external supplier because we did not have our own production. We had TopTeam recommended by a business partner of ours. TopTeam was quick to supply a consultant with the right set of skills and a personality that fit right into the culture at Altuglas. Over the course of the three months of the project, TopTeam took charge of the planning and execution of the project, excluding the areas where they needed our expertise. This worked out very well and we are very satisfied with the result.”

Björn Eiriksson
CEO at Altuglas International Denmark

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