Project Management

Throughout the years, TopTeam has helped countless customers bring their projects to life. Our consultants have extensive experience with project management in a wide range of industries, and we are ready to lead your next project – regardless of the nature of the task.

We are experts in project management and mechanical construction

When you choose TopTeam as project managers for your task, you get consultants who are experts in running very complicated projects in the field of mechanical construction. We have extensive experience in handling the overall responsibility for the projects we are associated with, while we are also happy to contribute with consultants who can act as project assistants.

Our team of specialized consultants all come from a technical background, and consist of i.a. of trained mechanical engineers, production technologists, machinists and industrial technicians.

TopTeam always works with the goal of being true to the project, which means that we optimize and develop your project, add know-how to your organization and share knowledge with you, while we ensure the progress of your project.

During the course of the project, your needs will always be in focus, and we will continuously provide information about the project’s progress and finances.

Professional & personal match

A collaboration with us is build on trust, which is why we are very careful to match your project with the right consultant – on the professional level, and in particular also on the personal level.

When you start a collaboration with us, we first analyze your task in relation to what experiential competencies are required of the consultant, as well as whether there is knowledge and experience of the industry.

Our experience tells us that the personal match is just as important as the professional one. Therefore, all our consultants have undergone a personality test that helps to ensure that the consultant personally fits the task and the colleagues at the client who is to be collaborated with.

Progress Your Project
Make an appointment with one of TopTeams sales representatives - together we will find the right profile for your task.

Our Areas of expertise

Let our consultants lead your project

We have extensive experience with project management in mechanical construction.

We have specialists for e.g. concept development, documentation, prototypes, automation and packaging solutions, and we certainly have the right consultant for your task.

Prototyper af TopTeam


Our consultants can help your company develop prototypes and test equipment for new designs or products that your company needs.

Konceptudvikling med TopTeam

Concept Development

Does your company face a challenge that requires concept development from scratch? We have the right team of consultants to look after your problem and, in collaboration with you, develop solutions that are tailored to your needs.



Proper documentation and labeling is one of the keys to an appropriate and successful design, and our consultants are experts in developing mechanical designs that meet all requirements.

Emballage løsninger med TopTeam


We have extensive experience with consulting companies in the packaging industry, and our consultants can help your company develop process equipment that meets your specific challenge.



More and more industries use robots and automated systems in their production, and our team of consultants can offer consultation and project management in regard to the development of automated features.