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Prototype development forms the basis for increased automation



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Danfoss A/S is a large international group that is among the largest companies in Denmark.

Danfoss is best known for their thermostats for heat regulation, but is gradually offering a broad product portfolio within solar and wind energy, district heating and district cooling.

In addition, Danfoss also makes power steering units for machines, and it is precisely on this product that TopTeam’s expertise has benefited Danfoss.

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Danfoss approached TopTeam when one of their customers made them aware that their machines, with power steering from Danfoss, work better when extra leaf springs are fitted.

This knowledge has enabled Danfoss to offer its customers the opportunity to have extra leaf springs fitted in the power steering unit that Danfoss produces for their machine.

This means that Danfoss must take individual control units out of the production line, and from there carry out the manual insertion of the extra leaf springs, which is ergonomically demanding for the employee, while there is also a risk associated with the installation, as the leaf springs can jump out of the pliers that squeezes the leaf springs together.


TopTeam was tasked with developing a semi-automatic machine that could ease this manual task, in a way that was both ergonomic and safe for the employees.

TopTeam set out to investigate various solutions, which were then constructed into a prototype that could hold the two leaf springs in tension during application.

The final machine was first manufactured in a manual version, to be subsequently made semi-automatic, via a servomotor. At the same time, a safety guard was applied to protect the employees.

Keld billede

"The biggest challenge with this construction was that the two leaf springs had to be in tension during the application, without being able to jump out of the element."

Keld Sørensen
Key Account Manager | TopTeam

From the customer

“We teamed up with TopTeam to design and manufacture a mounting tool for mounting leaf springs. The whole project has been very professional. TopTeam has been able to inform and involve us throughout the process. The project was done to everyone’s satisfaction – and we have an assembly tool that solves the task.”

Hans H. Jensen
Teamleader Process & Technology hos Danfoss

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