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CE marking of machines does not have to be an expensive investment

It can be extremely difficult to perform a risk assessment as a constructor, when you need to ensure that all norms and standards are complied with on your own machine.

If you have a product that you have put a lot of work into, it can be difficult to have a nuanced look at the construction you have created without being biased.

CE marking exposes all risks in accordance with European standards. At TopTeam, we work exclusively with the EU Machinery Directive. There are many pitfalls you can end up in if you do not know the Machinery Directive at your fingertips, as we do.

There are many different ways to secure data for a CE mark. We have tried to make the process more manageable for you in the text below.

How is a CE marking made?

A CE marking consists of four different parts. The first part is about making a declaration of conformity. This declaration testifies that, as a manufacturer, you declare in good faith that everything contained in the CE marking is true. It also states who is responsible for the correct use of the machine if the documentation turns out not to be true. It is e.g. in the declaration of conformity clarified who is responsible if anyone is injured.

The second part of the CE marking consists of a risk assessment on which the declaration of conformity is based. A risk assessment must review the entire product piece by piece and explain how the applicable standards must be complied with. In other words, the risk assessment helps to ensure that the product meets the safety requirements – no matter where in the EU the product is used.

Once you have prepared a risk assessment, you proceed with making a technical dossier. A technical dossier is the responsibility of the manufacturer, which means that it is usually not us at TopTeam who prepare this item. We always offer to advise on the process, but the technical dossier itself must be prepared by the manufacturer. The technical dossier consists of all production drawings and parts of the machine.

The last element of the CE marking is an instruction manual. The instructions for use must contain a list of spare parts and draw attention to inappropriate use. In this way, you can, through a CE marking, delimit the responsibility you as a manufacturer have – and clarify what responsibility the customer is assigned.

What is the cost of a CE marking?

Once a CE mark has been obtained, it is only necessary to apply the CE mark to the machine itself. The cost of getting there obviously depends on the individual project.

One of our TopDocumentation specialists, Hugo Jeppesen, says: “Some companies may have their very own systems for CE marking, but other companies do not need to invest in it at all if they do not want it. One can e.g. easily make a risk assessment in Excel. ”

At TopTeam, we offer to help with the documentation process around a CE marking. Our consultants are specialists in finding the right directives and performing the necessary documentation.

Feel free to contact us if you need help to guarantee the safety of your machine – and to give your product free movement in the European market.