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5 key points on project management from a TopManager

It is at the utmost importance to have a skilled project manager for a project to proceed well within the project limits. It is also crucial for the project to have a project manager who can always maintain a sense of perspective if the project is to succeed.

We had a talk with one of our highly rated TopManagement consultants, Jette Ø. Jeppesen, who gave us 5 key points on how to make a project progress in a timely manner.

To act in the best interest of the project

For many years it has been a part of TopTeams values to To act in the best interest of the project, which is still key to this day. But what does it really mean? Here is how Jette makes this happen in her projects:

1.      Define the project at the beginning and make a detailed plan

      Jette elaborates:: ”The most important thing when you start a project is to make a solid setup with clear time schedules as the base of the project. If you don’t do your due diligence it is hard to define the frames of the project properly and then you lose sight of your stakeholders and their needs.

2.      Adapt to the project at hand

”No two projects are completely the same, which is one of the fascinating things about being a project manager: Being handed a never seen before challenge. There are no issues in a project, only tasks. All tasks are solvable in principle, but this does not mean that all tasks you face as a project manager can or must be solved. Some tasks are simply not solvable, which you have to face and deal with,” reveals Jette.

3.      Have a move ready for every situation

Jette has a vast amount of experience in project management, plastics, sustainable materials and ecological transition, which comes in handy in her work: “Even though you might have a solution for most issues you have to know that you can’t act from day 1. The knowledge you have about certain things, like creating workshops or time schedules and presenting your work, can be used from day 1, but projects often have a larger time frame.”

4.      Always be aware of what you know and most important what you don’t know

”You always have to be aware of what you don’t need to know, it is often beneficial to let the minor details be, or they will consume your work. On the other hand, it can be important to know every little detail, if they are important in the bigger picture. It’s always a tradeoff between what’s best for the project,” says Jette. Being a specialist or generalist can have its advantages.

5.      Know quality and use it to execute

”It is crucial to aim for the right level of quality, that is to make a judgement call about what you need to finish the project at the desired level of quality,” Jette proclaims. A high level of quality is not always a measure of success. Sometimes your project reaching the highest where reaching the highest level of quality is not at a focal point.

Project managers with a higher understanding of mechanics

At TopTeam all our project managers have a broader understanding of mechanical construction, which means that we can match your project with a project manager who has the skills in need to ensure a steady progress.

That is why the matching process is at the utmost important for us. No two projects are the same and neither are our consultants. If you want to know more about our project managers and how they can manage projects for your company, get in touch with us here.