Semco Maritime

Relieving employees during peak load



Semco Maritime is an engineering company that specialises in projects in the offshore and energy sectors. At Semco Maritime, they have an engineering team that primarily develops transport equipment, lifting equipment and handling- and production equipment for the offshore wind industry. It was in this part of the company TopTeam was hired to give a helping hand.


Like many other companies, Semco Maritime faced a challenge that involved their internal capacity and the number of tasks. They had several open projects that they couldn’t finish in time because they didn’t have the right capacity to do so. Semco Maritime therefore chose to get an external consultant from TopTeam to help them get through their peak period.

The projects were within the offshore industry and included concept development, construction, and preparation of working drawings as well as documentation of the finished product. At Semco Maritime, they needed an engineer who could be a permanent part of their team.


The solution to their challenge was a TopTeam consultant specialising in offshore wind. The consultant came in with the right skills and quickly became part of their internal and daily design team. At Semco Maritime, they brought in a consultant to relieve their own employees and reach the goal of several projects that gradually had begun to lag a little behind.

At Semco Maritime, the TopTeam consultant has taken part in several projects, including primarily lifting tools, but also brand-new products to be developed for Semco Maritime’s customers.

From the customer

“He (The Consultant) has been part of the pool of designers that we already have and has been involved in 5-6 different projects within offshore. It’s been absolutely crucial for us to bring in one more engineer.” 

Kristoffer Lolk Fredriksen, Manager – Structural & Mechanical Engineering