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N.C. Nielsen A/S is the Denmark’s largest supplier of forklifts, terminal tractors, electric lifts and special machines. N.C. Nielsen offers complete solutions that can match any challenge within internal transport. Their products ranges from small pallet trucks over large container trucks and mobile cranes to customer-specific special solutions. N.C. Nielsen also has its own production of specially developed Lithium-ION batteries for electric lifters and forklifts etc.

N.C. Nielsen can also offer customers a nationwide service organization, which is supplemented by Denmark’s probably largest spare parts warehouse within its area.

A constant demand for high quality in both products and service are the main reasons for N.C. Nielsen’s position as the country’s largest supplier.


TopTeam has been able to offer employees of high quality and with extensive experience in machine construction, strength calculation and product development.


Exactly this demand for high quality products is the reason why TopTeam today works closely with N.C. Nielsen on many of their projects.

TopTeam has been able to offer employees of high quality and with extensive experience in machine design, strength calculation and product development, which is what N.C. Nielsen has requested in regards to the development of their special machines and Lithium-ION batteries.


The tasks have had to do with design, functionality, optimization, documentation and strength calculation.

The latter involves both analytical calculations and FE analysis of the load-bearing parts of the structure, so as to ensure that the products can withstand the loads to which they are subjected to during the various work tasks.

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"The collaboration with N.C. Nielsen has carried out many projects, and we are proud to be their partner."

Axel Wienecke
Konsulent | TopTeam

From the customer

”Great demands are made internationally and nationally for e.g. the calculation documentation of our lifting and handling equipment, as it is most often used with operators in and around the plant.

We have chosen TopTeam as a partner, as they have a great deal of prior knowledge of the standards we design from in Europe and also have the ability to obtain knowledge about new requirements and standards from our International customers and then translate them into specific design wishes.

For the past 2 years, TopTeam has provided the services we demand onsite and back office”

Søren Skougaard
Technical Manager at N.C. Nielsen

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