N.C. Nielsen got a new employee – not a sub

With a consultant from TopTeam N.C. Nielsen got a highly competent engineer, who not only solved the tasks at hand, but also contributed to the general growth of the company. At N.C Nielsen, they have no doubt, consultants from TopTeam are not just subs.

N.C. Nielsen is the biggest supplier of forklifts, terminal tractors, electric lifters, and special machines in Scandinavia. With a constant demand for the highest quality in every aspect of the company, N.C. Nielsen requires employees who are specialists in their field and can solve a broad range of problems and always uphold a high standard. One of these employees is from TopTeam.


More than a problem solver

At N.C. Nielsen, they previously had subs to take care of the tasks of their new TopTeam consultant. They quickly realized that the consultant from TopTeam is more than a sub “He’s become one of us now” says Per Nielsen, technical manager at N.C. Nielsen. The consultant, Axel Wienecke, has quickly become a part of the team and made the company more competitive. This was achieved by adding different skills, which the company did not have in house. This case is a good example of how a consultant can manage a string of different tasks and at the same time develop the business.
The element of constant development of skills and the companies of our clients are core values at TopTeam. We constantly invest time and money in expanding the skills and experiences of our employees, which means that our consultants contribute to a greater extend.


A breath of fresh air

When you hire a consultant from TopTeam you get more than just solved tasks in a satisfying manner, you get a new set of eyes on the everyday tasks and problems, which can be instrumental for the progress of a company. The list of pros of a fresh set of eyes is long.

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