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How the corona virus has affected TopTeam

As a result of the Corona pandemic, 2020 has been a year of uncertainty for companies and people in general which has affected our everyday lives. TopTeam is no exception.

Here is our take on the effects of the Coronavirus, what challenges we have faced, but also what we have gained from the experience and a couple of eye openers as well.

The 11th of March 2020, Covid-19 turned our world upside down. As stated in our press release, we at TopTeam made a swift decision stating that we would ride out the storm without letting a single employee go.

“We knew that the decision would cost us a substantial amount of money, but we thought it would be well worth it,” says CEO of TopTeam Martin Laursen.

Taking care of our employees in the midst of a global crisis

From the beginning of the lockdown in spring until now our priority has been making our employees feel safe and secure in their job. Our business model at TopTeam has always entailed that our consultants do not do their day-to-day work at TopTeam offices, but at the companies they work for.

Covid-19 has brought on big managerial challenges caused by the lack of social events at TopTeam. Social events are a much-needed tool in creating a connection between the company and our employees. During the lock down during spring we decided to send our employees an update per e-mail every single afternoon.

The purpose of these updates was to give the employees a sense of security and make sure that our employees were kept in the loop about the task of handling the situation surrounding Covid-19.

Our employees’ responses on the updates were very positive and that tells us that we made the right decision.


What have we learned from the corona pandemic?

When we look at the year 2020 and what Covid-19 has meant for us we cannot ignore the challenges we have faced, but despite these challenges we have still moved forward. The pandemic has taught us that we have chosen the right approach when collaborating with clients.

Our clients have shown us a lot of support and given us credit for our vision about being more than just a supplier of skills and knowledge. Our close clients have reached out to us when we needed them.

Our close dialogue with our clients has made it clear to us that we made the right strategic choice about our approach, which will continue in the future.

We have also been taught how important internal communication has been for our employees. A link in our organization, which might have been down prioritized before the pandemic, but in the future this is going to be a top priority for us.

The Covid-19 pandemic has without doubt been a big blow for TopTeam, but it has also taught us some valuable lessons that we would not be without.