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TopTeam launches new website

Welcome to TopTeam’s new website. We have given the entire site a boost, and created greater transparency in our services, so that our customers can, to a greater extent, form an overview of what TopTeam can help them with.

container conveyor system

Flexitechs | Future security of conveyor system

TopTeam has provided expert knowledge for the solution of a conveyor system, which will optimize the workflow as well as reduce storage space, for a larger service company. The project has been carried out at Flexitechs in Hadsten, which is a flexible company that delivers conveyor solutions to the automation industry.

technical documentation

OMMELIFT | When technical documentation is paramount

TopTeam has provided calculation expertise to OMME LIFT’s technical department, which has prepared the technical documentation for fatigue calculations. Fatigue calculations are included as new approval requirements within the lift norm.


Riantics | Intelligent logistics solutions

Since the beginning of 2018, TopTeam has entered into a collaboration with Riantics regarding the supply of extra resources to their design department.

Riantics has had great success in the last few years, and it is the extra busyness that makes the collaboration between TopTeam and Riantics extra important, as otherwise Riantics would not have the time and resources to achieve all tasks.


Serman & Tipsmark | High demands are no obstacle for a specialist

TopTeam has entered into a collaboration with Serman & Tipsmark, where TopTeam will help with the construction part of a valve project, as well as work as a designer in their development department.

Serman & Tipsmark are specialists in hydraulics, and are i.a. supplier to the energy, offshore, transportation and industrial industry.