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In 2021, we launched our newest initiative - workshops. With these workshops, our goal is to help companies understand the value of an external engineering consultant.

In the beginning of 2021, the workshops were at the conceptual level. We found that there was a large demand from our customers on gaining more information and knowledge onthe effect of an external engineering consultant and when it is worth hiring an external specialist.

At TopTeam, our considerations were on how we could envision the effect of an external engineering consultant in a way that provides the customer value for money. To figure out whether an external consultant is the best option to solve a challenge, it was found appropriate to investigate the situation a company is in at the present moment.

This way, we were able to figure out what the next steps should be – whether there is a need for process optimisation, project management or automation.

Back in August, the first workshop with Danfoss was initiated to explore the value an external engineering consultant would bring to the company.

Key model

“We had the time to talk about some of the challenges we face in Danfoss – this is something we rarely have time to during the working days.”

                                                                                                                        Hans Henrik Jensen, Danfoss


It does not have to be time consuming or complicated to come up with solutions for one’s challenges. With Danfoss it was a rather rapid process which included 2 workshops, both on a couple of hours, during a 3-month period.

To manage and visualise the agenda for the workshop, the sales team of TopTeam prepared a key model. This made it easier to go through the different steps and thus, figure out what challenges Danfoss stood against in that moment.

At the workshop, we talked, discussed, and presented the challenges Danfoss has at the moment and how they want it to be different in the future. The overall purpose of the workshop is to figure out whether it is worth hiring an external engineering consultant. A TopTeam consultant, specializing in project management or mechanical engineering, can quickly put themselves in the company’s place and understand their situation. At the workshop, TopTeam’s specialisations were outlined and especially automation, project management and process optimization were discussed.

”We were challenged and a lot of good questions and comments were presented. Everyone was able to contribute with their own experiences, while others were quietly listening.

                                                                                                                       Hans Henrik Jensen, Danfoss

Tangible solutions

After the first workshop, the sales team stuck their heads together and came up with a proposal for the solution for Danfoss.  This proposal included practical knowledge on how a company can solve their challenges in the best possible way and whether an external engineering consultant is the most appropriate and obvious choice to go with.

For the sales team, it is important that the solutions are as tangible as possible and that the effect of the solutions can be felt in the near future.  For Danfoss, it was suggested that they should hire an external project manager to structure their workflows and optimize their processes.

By including tangible solutions that are somewhat easy to go to, we ensure that there is an effect to be seen after the workshop and thus, the workshop is valuable for the customer.

”It allows for new opportunities – it is tangible and useful.”

                                         Hans Henrik Jensen, Danfoss

In 2022 we will be offering even more workshops. We believe that it is important to talk and discuss the current situation in a company in order to develop a plan for how to improve this in the future.

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