Founding values are still relevant in 2021

When the company was founded the vision was not for TopTeam to have over 40 employees to this day

Bruno Villadsen og Bjarne Andersen

The vision at the time was just that Bruno Villadsen and Bjarne Andersen wanted more. At the time they were both employed at a special machine factory in Skive, Denmark, where they were fascinated by the impressive professional skills of one another.

TopTeam was a dream under construction for more than a year before Bruno and Bjarne took the leap and became independent.

With clients from day one the company quickly picked up speed and before they knew it Bruno and Bjarne had 12 employees at TopTeam. All the sudden they were managers for their employees while still working as consultants for their clients.

A generational change: TopTeam sticks to their values

About 4 years ago Bruno and Bjarne chose to take a step back from their managing roles, because they were more passionate about being consultants than handling managerial tasks. Bjarne Andersen says: “It took a while before we had a new plan ready for TopTeam. It was clear that we needed a new direction.”

To this day, Bruno and Bjarne are still name partners at TopTeam, and To this day Bruno and Bjarne are still name partners and follow the progress of TopTeam closely. ”This shows How crucial the founding values is for TopTeam today.

The DNA of TopTeam is consultants

To this day the values, which Bruno and Bjarne cultivated for the company, are still very much in effect. Our focus is mainly on our consultants and making sure that they are passionate about their work.

TopTeam does not hire consultants based on professional experience or top marks, we hire people, which is why we value personality.

”We target people who can work independently and navigate in complicated situations, because that’s What out clients request,” says Bruno Villadsen. Our consultants are driven by their loyalty to the project and keeping a sense of perspective.” Bjarne adds: “We are consultants, and we are fully dedicated to the everyday tasks. Our vision is that our consultants can handle their tasks independently, which makes for a steady ship.”

The consultants working in the field are the DNA of TopTeam. This makes it crucial to preserve the values which have been instrumental for TopTeam since the beginning.