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New Business

If your company is facing a complicated project that requires project management and mechanical construction, TopTeam’s team of specialized consultants is ready to take on the challenge. Since 1999, TopTeam has provided consultants to companies that lack additional capacity or competence to lead their projects from start to finish in the best possible way.

We have consultants who are specialists in many different areas, and we definitely have the right profile for your task. We find a match that suits both the professional and the personal level, while we continuously ensure that the collaboration works in the most optimal way. A collaboration with TopTeam often develops into long-term partnerships, as our consultants, have a personal interest in achieving success together with your company. At the same time, new needs often arise during the collaboration period, where TopTeam’s many competencies can contribute to a wide range of challenges.

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In the initial conversations, we will focus on identifying your challenge, and uncovering what capacity and competence the task requires.

Whether you need a project manager, project assistant, or some other kind of consultant with a competence you lack, we have a profile that suits your task.

Professional match

When you start a collaboration with TopTeam, we make sure that you get the right consultant for your exact task. We do this by analyzing and assessing your task from a professional perspective, where we look at what experiential competencies the consultant has, as well as whether the consultant has any knowledge of the industry.

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Personal match

At TopTeam, we are convinced that the personal match is at least as important as the professional one. All our consultants have taken a personality test, which i.a. illuminates the consultant’s work style and personality. In this way, we ensure that your challenge is always paired with the right consultant for the task – professionally as well as personally.

Start & follow-up

In the start of the collaboration, we will jointly review the agreements that will apply between TopTeam’s consultant(s) and you as a customer. This will end up in a so-called introductary form, which consists of the collaboration agreements, as well as a number of practical matters our consultant must be aware of. After approx. 14 days, a follow-up meeting will be convened to ensure that the collaboration is of a satisfying degree.

Start your project

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Together, we uncover your company’s needs, so you can get a tailor-made solution for your particular project.

Carsten Tambo Tovborg

New Business Manager